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The Checking Chick. This Chick study: Jagged (Colorado Mountain Series # 5) by Kristen Ashley

The Checking Chick. This Chick study: Jagged (Colorado Mountain Series # 5) by Kristen Ashley

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The Colorado Mountain series might be my 3rd or 4th KA that is favorite series aided by the Rock Chick and Burg show leading the pack. Jagged was released in 2013 and falls into just just just what the pre is called by me erotica period of Kristen Ashley publications.

Her design is definitely really sexy, but her more current publications are more sex than plot and Jagged, thank heavens has a little bit of both.

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Our heroine and hero Zara and Ham have actually a little bit of history. Ham, being a traveling bartender, had previous lived and worked in town with Zara in addition they had struck up a fairly relationship that is casual. At the least on their part. Maybe maybe perhaps perhaps Not planning to be tied down seriously to each one city or one girl Ham has constantly held things light. Zara ended up being a lady that stayed under their epidermis. After surviving a serial killer (past novels plot), Ham decides that life is brief and after Zara reaches out to make certain hes okay he turns up on the home and chooses now may be the right time. Except it’snt that time for Zara. Until he digs in and demonstrates to Zara that this time around he’ll stay.

We liked Zara a great deal. She actually is one of the most real heroines Kristen Ashley has written. She actually is a woman that is genuine real dilemmas and manages life in a manner that her visitors can determine with, there are good and the bad. Ham I experienced a harder time with. First, there was clearly the title Ham. Yes, I’m sure, it had been a nickname and Zara was the only person that called him that, but for me it didnt read attractive.