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Sextortion scam understands your password, but don’t fall for it

Sextortion scam understands your <a href="">iamnaughty</a> password, but don’t fall for it

Somebody is delivering sextortion scam emails having a brand new twist – one aimed at making it much more likely you’ll be duped into paying a blackmail fee.

One of many e-mails arrived at Naked Security yesterday, with a diligent reader, just like Brian Krebs was breaking the story on his site.

It claims to have compromising images regarding the receiver and continues on to ask for re payment in order to stop the pictures hitting theaters publicly. Wanting to manipulate victims by claiming to have compromising images of them is known as sextortion, and it’s been used for years. What makes this scam different is it contains a real password used by the victim that it’s added something extra.

The email reads

Some details differ in different copies for the mail if the campaign works it might evolve more over time. The sender’s email address (either in the reply-to field or in one case included, in the text of the mail), the ransom amount and the bitcoin address all vary at the time of writing.

Revision later on variations of the email that showed up directly after we first published this article used passwords in the names of PDF attachments, or offered other types of fake “pr f”, like sending the email from your own very own e-mail target.